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Georgia Gregoricka Essay

America’s Tragedy: 9-11
The after effect of one of America’s major terrorist attack.

 By: Georgia Gregoricka

When terrorists attacked America on the day of 9/11/2001, all citizens were deported into a silence. Sorrow, sadness, and devastation casted over the hearts of almost everyone who cherished America. The news channel was turned on in every business and home. It seemed like nearly everyone took a moment to realize the shocking news. The after effect of the attack…changed the nation forever.

Ever since that torturous day, America has reformed security habits in many ways. Delicate procedures have been put into action in many areas but especially the U.S. travel system. The government set up or recognized 263 organizations after the attack; mainly for safety purposes (PBS). Many people have noticed the dramatic changes in air flight transportation, visas, and with visiting other countries. Higher security and precautionary random checks have helped keep America in check of who is entering-or leaving-our country.

Now at airports throughout the whole United States, travelers must check in two hours before take-off (Infoplease).  Also, there are restrictions on what travelers can bring on the plane (Infoplease). Liquids and food are not permitted when going through security checks (Infoplease). Since 9-11, the government has assigned thousands of federal Air Marshalls to planes because of the risk factor of another attack (Infoplease). Because of the tragic event of nine eleven, America has been changing ever since.

In the psychological sense, Americans have grown to have fear toward people who are or appear to be from India, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, or any other country in the Middle East (Infoplease). Any civilian wearing a turban, niqab, gown, or other religious outfits is automatically stereotyped in many American’s minds. Because of the tragedy, Americans are seeing middle easterners as people who could strike again when in reality they could be good citizens.

Since the attack, the Americans have created mixed emotions about the event. After the terrorist evaded our country, people have grown to create their own opinions of the matter. Some citizens believe the government was behind all of it. Others believe that the Al-Qaeda did it out of pure hate for America. The terrorists hit the Twin Towers,  the Pentagon, and tried to hit the White House; some believe they chose to attack those places because they are the base of our country’s military power, financial strength, and the government.

Even though citizens have their different opinions on 9-11, the fact is that America has changed since the occurrence. By changing social security, airport operations, psychological thinking, and opinions, America and its citizens have restructured their thinking and ways. Many security issues have improved because of the incident but many disputes have erupted. 9-11: The tragedy that will always be remembered, has changed America forever.



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