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Ashley Oostindie Essay

A Change in the Weather

  by Ashley Oostindie

Hudsonville High School

December 4, 2011

The forecast was warm and sunny on that day in New York City. The forecast was chilly and sunny in the small town of Hudsonville, Michigan. September 11 started just as any other day had before. The adults went to work and discussed finances, art pieces, taxes, the government, while the kids played at recess, read books, and painted pictures at their schools. No foreshadowing could have predicted the nightmare that this dream day would change to. The planes hit, the buildings crashed, and the people died. New York City’s forecast was now smoky with 100% chance of mourning and Hudsonville’s was chilly and shocked. Just as the community in Manhattan came together, the city of Hudsonville did too. Generous donations were made, city gatherings, group organizations, all to do whatever seemed possible in this cry of terror. Hudsonville never forgets to light the candle in the window on the anniversary of September 11. We never forget to lower our flags. We never forget to love each other and remember how our community has bonded through a time so tragic. Michigan remembers, and Hudsonville remembers.